Three days ago, by chance I stumbled across a modern phenomenom known as Geocaching.  As I had absolutely no idea what Geocaching was I did some research, after all Google is my friend 🙂

Geocaching it seems is the fastest growing global sport, and is essentially a worldwide treasure hunt.  To participate you need access to two things, the internet and a GPS (Global Positioning System) device.  All around the world people have hidden caches with various levels of difficulty, which seekers then try and locate.  the caches usually take the form of a tupperware box or some other such waterproof container and contain a logbook and a pen, and usually a host of other goodies (referred to as GeoSwag).  Geo-caching has to be carried out in secret in case a “muggle” (a non geo-cache hunter) discovers the cache and plunders or removes the cache from the global game.

This intrigued me and sceptically I entered my postcode to see if any of this Geo stuff had been hidden near me, after all surely I would know about it?  To my amazement, yes there was a healthy deposit of caches in my general area.  Game on, I reached for my OS Map, GPS and compass and settled down for the night to plot a weekend of treasure hunting.