I discovered Flickr fairly late in the day.  I joined in July 2008, but couldn’t really see what all the fuss was about – just another place to upload your pictures to.  I uploaded  two photos initially just to try, and thought no more of it.  It wasn’t until October when I found myself bored one day that I decided to log into Flickr to browse other peoples pictures and pass some time.  When I logged in I was gobsmacked, people had actually looked at my photographs and left comments on them, and added themselves as contacts so that they could see future posts to my photostream.

That was it I was hooked and rushed out to take some more pictures, so that I could add them to Flickr and share them with the Flickr community that was so encouraging with their comments and critiques.  Three weeks later I was a fully paid up ‘Pro’ member of Flickr with unlimited storage, unlimitied uploads and a great place to store my precious photographs, whilst at the same time enabling me to sort and showcase my best and most interesting shots.

So it went on and in early December 2008 I achieved my first photograph in Explore, delighted would be understating it.

My Explore Photos

My Explore Photos

If you haven’t tried Flickr then give it a go, you make some great friends, get to view some great photographs which spur you on, and make you smile.  My photographs can be seen here.